Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Raptor Project Builds Continues..

I am currently participating in Bolter and Chainsword Forum's ETLII paint challenge. I have up to five vows to commit to, but so far I am committing to one vow for starters and trying not to go in over my head. My current Vow has me finishing up my  Raptors Stormlord, my Hind, and one of my Whirlwinds. I thought three models to paint shouldn't be too much of a commitment. I'll end up finishing way before AUG 15, which I think is the deadline. Here are some WIP...

Storm Raven in Parts
Stormlord Sprues Primed
Whirlwinds in Progress
Storm Raven and Stormlord Built and Primed; Storm Talon for Support

So there you have it folks, my current progress as is. So far so good and I'm starting to love the results, I mean com'on look at the pics... pretty much speaks for themselves don't you think?
Stormlord converted to display use by Space Marine Scouts....

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