Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A night with the girls

Well my wife is in costa rica, living it up and I am at home with two beautiful sleeping dughters of mine. My little hellspawns went all kinds of psycho since they decided to take a nap. They do look adorably cute when they are asleep. I on the other hand; well basiclly has a torrent of mixed emotions ranging from happy to sadness. Yes I know it sounds a tad bit hormonal, but what I can you do. I am all kindas of sore and I am relearning the Army phrase of never quit. Funny how different duty assignments can change your outlook on life. Part of me, well most of me forgot my love for the Army and how it has given me alot. I feel as though I have been unapperciative as of late, but that's changing. Today I was heighted and weighted by Army standards. The amazing fact of the matter is, I did not have to get taped. It has been over three or so years since that event has happened to me. I was pretty happy. My goal is to loose seventeen more pounds to get my weight back to when I graduated from Basic Training, but this time more lean muscle and better lung capacity. Anyways, I really don't have anything intellectual to say; just more crap to add to the clutter that is the internet.

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